A full circle birth companion, otherwise known as a doula, is a person equipped with strong intuition, pregnancy & birth knowledge and a compassionate capacity for emotional support, to stand by you as you journey through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, self-determined termination, delivery of sleeping babies and fertility.

We are here to offer non-judgmental guidance and advise ways to support your body pre and post pregnancy, support baby and/or to support your new (or changing) role as a parent. We offer hands-on support, in-person support and reasonable distance support.

We will stand by you from the beginning of pregnancy and through your postpartum experience, to ensure that your birth journey is self-directed, advocated for and more satisfying.


Seed & Cerasee's pregnancy, birth and postpartum care seeks to uphold the legacy of our Indigenous & black ancestor healers & birth workers, especially the Granny Midwives of the rural south; adapting their teachings to meet the needs of our communities' today, while continually seeking to create safe and fulfilling birth experiences for all birthing bodies, regardless of gender identification.

water flows over these hands. may i use them skillfully to preserve this precious planet
— thich nhat hanh