Cassandra is a life student of plant based remedy and medicine, as well as a Full Circle Birth Companion/Doula.

She received her full circle doula training from Shafia Monroe Consulting, a premier training program for birth workers who seek to meet the socio-spiritual needs of the afro-diasporic community.

As a past grassroots activist, Cassandra's work remains dedicated to the healing of women, two-spirit, trans and queer IBPOC.

Her writing has been published in Illustrated Impact, Briarpatch Magazine, The Peak's Medicine Issue & Reproductive Justice Issue, to name a few. She's also contributed regularly to the Healing & Magick column in Wear Your Voice Magazine.

She founded, Crystal Root & Conjure, a curios company & apothecary that is rooted in the cultural and spiritual practice of hoodoo; using plant based medicine and black folk ritual, to blend teas, tinctures, salves, oxymels, vinegars, waters and other mixtures for full circle healing, daily self care, prenatal and postpartum care and has since evolved some of it’s scope into Seed & Cerasee Birth Care.

She currently works as a Birth Centre Aide at the Toronto Birth Centre; is a founding member of the birth work collective, Ocama Collective; and is actively following her path of birth work in afro-diasporic tradition, inclusive of trans & queer IBPOC community.